Using CrateMate crate covers and our coordinating pet beds leave you pet PAWsitivly comfy.


CrateMate will mask the unattractive wire enclosure characteristic of all dog crates while giving it a stylish appearance.


No bulky Velcro flaps, straps, or tabs for you to fix or for your dog to meddle with.

Tired of having a crate cover that is sloppy, disproportionate or “not quite right”? CrateMate is a patent-pending, stylish cover that is form-fitting because of its stretchable fabric, creating a sleek, custom look.

“You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!”

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Extra Comfort For Your Pet

Check out what separates our crate cover from other brands!
  • Affordable

    CrateMate is a pet cover that is high quality, but low cost.
  • Cozy

    CrateMate's breathable fabric and openings allow for proper ventilation for your furry friend.
  • Limits Sunlight

    CrateMate limits sunlight for those afternoon naps without limiting air circulation.
  • Sleek Design

    CrateMate comes in a classic black & white design that will fit well in any room you choose.
  • Form Fitting

    The fabric is stretchable and form fitting, giving a sleek look to any crate it covers.
  • Machine Washable

    Unlike other crate covers that can't be washed or need to be dry-cleaned, CrateMate is safe to wash in a washing machine, keeping it fresh and extra-clean.

Jennifer Barnes Houston, TX

The quality in this cover is by far the best i have used. Protects my little poodle perfectly, highly recommend.

Jenny Salgado Mobile, AL

Easy to wash and soft to the touch. Kept my dog's crate cool from the sun and reduced stress as we traveled.

John Williams Naples, FL

What more can i say, simple and easy to use.

How To Measure

Deciding what size is right for your crate is easy. Just measure the longest side of your crate and order the crate cover and/or pet bed right for you.

Small - 24 Inch

Medium - 30 Inch

Large - 36 Inch

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