Taking Your Dog on a Safe Adventure

Climbing into pants? Putting on shoes? My leash? Oh my, gosh! We’re going out! We’re going out! Where are we going? Can I run? Are there flowers? Can I jump in some water? Will there be other doggies to play with?

I’m so excited! Sorry, I can’t stop jumping on you! Let’s go! Are we going in the car? Can you open the window? I want to feel the wind on my tongue! Oh boy, I can’t wait to play all day. I love you so much!

If only we could really hear these thoughts in our dogs’ heads! As you’re preparing to head out on an adventure, your dog is likely just as excited as you are (if not more). When your pup sees you getting ready to take him somewhere, he shows his excitement by jumping all over you and running around the house. He’s ready for his doggy day out.

Dogs deserve (and need) play time, especially service dogs, who we mentioned in last week’s post; they work hard, so they should play hard! Dogs love being active. Climbing a mountain? No problem! Swimming in the ocean? You got it! Watch your dog go into beast mode as you two venture out on a favorite activity!
Where are we going today? Here are some ideas of places to take your active dog on an adventure:

Hiking – Whether it’s up a mountain or by the ocean, hiking is a great way to explore the great outdoors while getting in some exercise. Try to choose trails with covered with brush or leaves so your pup’s paws won’t hurt – sharp rocks and paved surfaces can cut or burn his paws! Bring fresh water with you for you both to drink!

Swimming – If your dog loves to swim, take him to a lake, ocean, or pool. Always keep an eye on him, so he doesn’t get pulled by a current or bothered by a water creature! If your dog isn’t the best swimmer, suit him up in a canine life jacket. Bring some toys so you can play catch!
Camping – Camping can be great fun with your dog, but make sure you’re bringing him to a dog-permitted camp site. Bring bedding for your dog in case the ground is wet. Even better, buy a “pup” tent!

Biking – Purchase a bicycle attachment that attaches your dog to the bike, so he won’t get hurt. Don’t bike too fast, or your pup won’t be able to help up! Take frequent breaks for water and relaxation!

Dog Park
– If your dog likes to socialize with other dogs, the dog park is the ideal place for some fun. Your dog can run, play, sniff, and bond! Make sure your dog is healthy and current on all vaccinations before you bring him!
Before you head out on your next adventure, remember that the outdoors is a home to many living things, including fleas and ticks. You don’t want your dog to carry home ticks or fleas along for the ride on his coat. As you prepare for your doggy day out, protect your pup with a flea and tick preventative like an oral medication.

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