Puppy Love: The Special Bond Between Owners & Service Dogs

When you’re having a bad day, he’s there. When you need help crossing the street, he’s there. When you feel lonely, he’s there. When you need a dropped item picked up, he’s there. When you need a shoulder to cry on, he’s there. When you need a friend, he’s there – service dogs are not […]

Taking Your Dog on a Safe Adventure

Climbing into pants? Putting on shoes? My leash? Oh my, gosh! We’re going out! We’re going out! Where are we going? Can I run? Are there flowers? Can I jump in some water? Will there be other doggies to play with? I’m so excited! Sorry, I can’t stop jumping on you! Let’s go! Are we […]

Can Candy & Treats Be Bad For My Pup?

Dogs can’t eat a lot of the same food people can. If you’ve slipped your dog any non-conventional treats like candy with chocolate or xylitol in it, he’s guaranteed to not feel well. Although a burger won’t hurt your pup per se, maybe you’ve given him more than his share. Or maybe, some of the food contained spices and […]